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Virtual home staging with AI - easy and affordable

Renovate, furnish and declutter interiors and exteriors for $9.99 per month.

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Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

Some of our 5000+ agents, representatives, decorators...

Your IA interior designer

Whether you're a real estate professional, decorator or private individual, take advantage of the most affordable interior design and home staging AI.



Upload a photo and let our AI redesign already furnished rooms by changing their style.

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Furnish an empty room while keeping furniture placement under control.

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Clear a room of all its furniture in just a few minutes.

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Unlimited use of three modes


Easily furnish in 3D

Use our FastFiller 3D editor to drag-and-drop furniture in seconds. Furnish your rooms like an interior designer and create stunning photos.

Help your customers to imagine themselves, rather than presenting them with an empty space.

How does it work?
Ajout de meubles

Renovate rooms that are already furnished

In just a few minutes, our AI generates professional interior designs from a simple photo, while preserving the room's structure (walls, windows, view...).

Say goodbye to dated or overly personal decorations: you can choose from over 80 styles (modern, cocooning, vacation...).

Exemple de rénovation

Partition, enlarge

Modify the structure of your rooms as you wish. Partition off a large space, enlarge a small room by breaking through a wall... Once the room has been modified, furnish and decorate it.

Help your customers project themselves after the work!

Exemple d'ajout cloison

Furnish the outdoors

Renovate Club is not just about interior design.

Renovate a house, a facade, landscape a garden, or simply add a pool or terrace.

Reveal the potential of an unkept exterior or garden!

Exemple de rénovation extérieure

Declutter your rooms

Empty a room of all its furniture in just a few minutes. Our AI will reconstitute the room and the hidden elements, to help you project and reveal the volumes of your rooms.

Once emptied, you can re-meub them in other styles.

How does it work?

Export and share in 1 click

Create your projects in a simple yet professional tool, and share your images on a personalized web page, or in PDF format.

Help your customers to project themselves in all circumstances, from a distance or during a visit, and sell more.


Simple, unlimited and very affordable

No credit system, no limits, no watermarks, no commitments: everything is simple and unlimited.

Simply upload your photos, and you'll be able to generate as many images as you need for a perfect result.

Renovate Club is the most affordable guaranteed virtual home staging tool on the market.



A few examples

Generate dozens of stunning interior designs and furnish empty rooms in just a few clicks.

home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel
home staging virtuel

A guaranteed favorite

Real estate agents, boost the appeal of your properties and listings by offering your customers decorating suggestions.

Decorators and private individuals, redecorate your property and find inspiration.


Of buyers are finding it difficult to plan ahead.


Of real estate purchases are made on a whim.


More visibility for a redesigned ad.

$9.99 per month, unlimited

Unlimited, commitment-free access to all features.

There's no catch: Renovate Club is the cheapest unlimited tool on the market.

Images & unlimited uses

Renovating, filling & emptying a room

Over 80 interior styles

Before/after viewer

Web & PDF sharing


Rated Excellent on Trustpilot, used by 5000+ agents and representatives

How does your service work?

Upload a photo of your room and our AI will empty, furnish and suggest designs to suit your preferences.

What styles do you offer?

We offer over 80 styles, from modern to retro to original, to suit your taste.

What does the empty function do?

It virtually removes all the furniture from your photo and reconstructs the spaces, helping you to project yourself into the volumes.

Can I add furniture myself?

Yes, our FastFiller 3D editor lets you add furniture to an empty room in just a few clicks. We can also suggest layouts.

How can I share my projects?

Create a personalized web page or export the details in PDF format to easily share your projects. It's included in all our offers.

What are your rates?

Our offers are unlimited, at rates of $9.99 per month and $109.99 per year. Cancel at any time, without obligation.

How much does an image cost?

Our offers are unlimited, so an image will only cost you a few cents. We don't charge per image or per credit.

How do I contact support?

Contact us via the chat on the bottom right of our website for any assistance or information. We're very responsive, so don't hesitate!

How do you guarantee quality?

Our AI generates high-quality designs in just a few minutes. If the image doesn't suit you, you can regenerate it as many times as necessary.


Renovate Club is rated Excellent on Trustpilot


Marine & Manuel Dolores

Just WAHOU! I mainly use the options that allow you to empty a room or redecorate them... and it's amazing, all at breakneck speed.


J. B. Weiss

A friend introduced me to this site [...] of AI, it's quite easy to use, the possibilities are endless and the final rendering of the project is very realistic. Great site !!!!


Morgan Perret

Excellent platform, the best I know of at the moment for buyers to project themselves. Many styles, and the design is very appealing.


Ludivine Dentelle

Great app, very useful for projecting yourself in an empty or poorly laid-out space. I recommend it.


Renaud Carpentier

Great tool that lets me transform 1980s interiors into real nuggets. Very easy to use.


Mhadhebi Badis

Ergonomic site and fast delivery of proposals. Perfect for getting a first impression of what a renovated apartment could look like.